Plus Open Platform for Autonomy

Introducing the Plus Open Platform for Autonomy

The Open Platform for Autonomy (OPA) is an innovative and unique open and modular software platform powered by the latest AI models. OPA supports all levels of autonomy, adapts to specific customer needs and is optimized for cost-to-performance ratio. This unique approach enables autonomous driving capabilities on customizable configurations across different sensors, processors, vehicle platforms and powertrains.

OPA is the brain that powers our packaged suite of solutions across the autonomy spectrum – from driver-in next generation safety systems to the highly automated PlusDrive® and the driver-out Level 4 SuperDrive™.

Modular, flexible,
and scalable by design.

Made of configurable modules, OPA supports use cases across all levels of autonomy by using the foundational Level 4 autonomous driving software as its common base.

AV Functional Modules


Convert raw sensor data from radar, lidar, and cameras into actionable intelligence for other AV modules like prediction and planning

Localization and mapping

Mapping refers to building and updating maps to aid in navigation, perception, planning, and localization. Localization is the process of estimating the location of the AV on a given map

Event mining

Online software responsible for identifying sensor data containing interesting events to learn from and improve vehicle response to those events in subsequent software releases

Motion planning/drive policy

Module responsible for converting perception inputs into high-level vehicle behavior and motion decisions

Operational Design Domain Management

Decide whether the AV is operating within its operating domain (factors include geographic location, weather, road geometry, and vehicle state)

Human Machine Interface (HMI)

Communicate upcoming AV software situational awareness, decisions and actions to the human driver using visual and audible alerts


Convert planning decisions into controls commands for steering, brake and throttle

Targetless sensor calibration

Calibrate all sensors using data from natural driving which can be as part of regular operations. No special calibration targets are needed

Offboard Modules

Data processing and visualization

Visualize and search for data and events collected in vehicle; create offline reports; analytics dashboards on performance and safety

Automated labeling infrastructure

Platform and tools to support labeling with minimal human intervention

Diagnostic tools

Offline tools to debug AV software bugs and performance issues

AI model optimization

Capability to optimize model deployment on resource constrained automotive grade ECUs

Map building and updates

Scalable software tools and infrastructure to build custom HD maps and update custom and commercially available HD maps

Vehicle Integration Modules

Sensor management and interface

Turnkey integration support with widely used sensors in the market (radars, cameras, lidars)

Vehicle drive-by-wire interface

Compatible with any vehicle platform

Over-the-air updates

Provide feature and software updates over-the-air

Event data recorder

Record important events such as driver takeover or other interesting data, details of which is highly customizable


Our OS can be built on top of Linux as well as real-time operating systems such as QNX

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