Japan Privacy Notice

Version 1.0 (June 1, 2024)

1. Testing

PlusAI, Inc. (“Plus”) is conducting testing of PlusVision, a vehicle perception software technology, installed in vehicles operating on public roads in Japan. In order to enable operation of PlusVision and to ensure safe operation of the vehicles, cameras will be installed on the exterior of the vehicles and will collect images of the areas near the front and rear of the vehicles, and will also generate a bird’s-eye view of the area surrounding the vehicles.

 2. Outside-Camera Data

Data collected by the vehicles’ exterior cameras (collectively, “Outside-Camera Data”) includes recordings of persons, vehicles, obstacles, and other aspects of the vehicles’ proximate surrounding environments. In certain cases, Outside-Camera Data may include Personal Information (as defined in the Act on the Protection of Personal Information of Japan (APPI)), such as images of individuals, but such data is not used by Plus to identify specific individuals. The test vehicles are expected to run in the Tokyo and Yokohama metropolitan areas, and the principal testing period will run from June 1, 2024, to December 31, 2024.

3. Purpose of Use

Outside-Camera Data is used by Plus in whole or in part for the purposes of:

  • Training and analyzing Plus’s software, including AI models, to develop and improve Plus’s products and services, including PlusVision, with the goal of providing a safer driving experience to actual and prospective customers; and

  • providing Plus’s products and services to actual and prospective customers (collectively, the “Purpose of Use”).

Analysis of Outside-Camera Data is performed automatically by trained computers and/or manually by human review of the data (which only applies to a small subset of Outside-Camera Data). Plus’s systems are not configured for any personal identification. For example, traffic objects are categorized and distinguished (e.g. by shape or colors) only as vehicles, motorcycles, pedestrians, bicyclists, etc. 

4. Provision to Third Parties

In certain cases, Outside-Camera Data may be transferred to and handled by Plus-related entities or Plus’s third-party service providers (collectively, “Third Parties”). Outside Camera Data does not include Personal Data (as Defined in the APPI). Third Parties only use Outside-Camera Data for the Purpose of Use set forth above. Plus has established contractual agreements with Third Parties to ensure the appropriate data handling and security measures are in place when Third Parties process Outside-Camera Data. 

Plus will also share Outside-Camera Data with third-party business partners who Plus is jointly testing its technology with (“Testing Partners”). Testing Partners will use such shared data for the Purpose of Use as well as for research and development, marketing, and other general business purposes.

5. Plus Contact information

PlusAI, Inc.

3315 Scott Blvd, Suite 300, Santa Clara, California 95054
Attn: Legal