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7th International VDI Conference - Autonomous Trucks

Düsseldorf, Germany

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Autonomous driving is no longer a future topic in the commercial vehicle sector but has already arrived on the road today. Driver assistance systems are only the beginning of increasing digitalization: many manufacturers are testing the possibilities and limits of (partially) autonomous driving trucks within pilot projects. New, innovative market players, especially from the USA and China, are increasingly entering the market. Many companies are asking themselves how to keep pace with these developments.

The 7th international VDI conference ”Autonomous Trucks“ will deal in detail with new business models and present, among other things, the solutions innovative start-ups are working on. The influence of the pandemic on the industry will also be considered, and the related topics of automation, connectivity, and electrification will be examined. A lot of space is also devoted to software, in which the truck industry is confronted with new players and influencing factors.

Presentation: Unlocking the Power of Automated Driving Technology Today

Speaker: Georg Kuschk, Director of Perception at Plus

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