PRESS RELEASE: Hyundai Motor and Plus Announce Collaboration to Demonstrate First Level 4 Autonomous Fuel Cell Electric Truck in the U.S.
01.31.23  |  Events

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PANEL DISCUSSION: “Autonomous Vehicles: Solving Real World Challenges”


  • David Liu, CEO and Co-founder, Plus

  • Prashanthi Raman, VP of Global Government Affairs, Cruise

  • Keith Hadi, Vice President of Vehicle Engineering, May Mobility


  • Andrew Grant, Head of Intelligent Mobility, BloombergNEF


A question was raised if there’s any tension in that Plus develops autonomous driving technology that will automate the vehicle and at least a part of the job of truck drivers.

Here’s what Plus’s CEO David Liu said: “What we do today is to provide drivers with a working tool — a vehicle that’s safer, more comfortable, and more fuel-efficient to drive, powered by our #PlusDrive driver-in highly automated driving system. So far we’ve heard overwhelmingly positive feedback from drivers. PlusDrive gives them peace of mind and transforms the role of a truck driver to a ‘pilot’.”

“For owner-operators, it helps them save money — the return on investment for our technology is under two years, so it’s actually making their jobs not only safer and easier but also more profitable.”

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