PRESS RELEASE: Hyundai Motor and Plus Announce Collaboration to Demonstrate First Level 4 Autonomous Fuel Cell Electric Truck in the U.S.
06.21.22  |  Events

2022 Auto.AI USA

Detroit, Michigan

Auto.AI Tech summit on AI, Machine Learning, Neural Networks and Cognitive Computing for Highly Autonomous Vehicles

Auto.AI USA is the leading technical event on deep learning for SAE level 4 and 5 autonomous vehicles bringing together more than 250 top industry experts and decision-makers in machine learning, neural networks, and perception. Join now and discuss self-supervised and behavioral learning concepts, scalable machine and reinforcement learning approaches, benchmarking perception, and computer vision systems for ADs with your peers from the automotive AI community.

Presentation: Lessons Learned from the Mass Deployment of Machine Learning Models for AV Perception

Speaker: Dr. Anurag Ganguli, VP of R&D at Plus

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