PRESS RELEASE: Plus Launches Open Platform for Autonomy to Scale Deployment of All Levels of Autonomous Driving Technology

Driving a smarter
and safer future

Plus is leading the evolution to reimagine transportation and transform the way we move people and goods with our open software platform.

Building an open world of autonomy

We believe autonomous driving technology has the power to transform the world for the better and we’ve set out to unleash its potential. Our approach to autonomy is focused on building AI-based, high-performance modular solutions that are affordable and scalable across vehicle types and applications. We call this the Open Autonomous Future.

Interior of autonomous car with illustrated graphics showing key data points like speed, objects identification, directions, and sensors

Plus Solutions

Plus provides software solutions that are designed for fast and easy integration with various hardware platforms, vehicle types, and levels of automation.

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Our Technology

Powering the autonomous future

The Plus autonomy software platform is purpose-built to be open and modular to enable high performance, safe, and affordable autonomous driving capabilities at scale.

Illustrated visual of PlusDrive sensors from autonomous car
View from autonomous car driving on highway with illustrated graphics of sensors and data

It all starts with safety

Plus adheres to a safety-first approach to developing and applying autonomous driving technology, with an eye towards making it easy for our partners to deploy broadly.

Our Safety Methodology

Ready to forge the future for autonomous vehicles?

Plus is a dynamic, ambitious, and inclusive team of autonomous driving, machine learning, automotive, safety, and technology experts always on the lookout for uniquely talented professionals eager to advance our mission and contribute to our growth.

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We’re more than self-driven. We’re purpose-driven.

Plus delivers safe and high performing autonomous driving technology —today and tomorrow—because our team, culture, and processes are precisely aligned to our mission.

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