Our driver-in highly automated driving solution is available on the market today.

PlusDrive’s autonomous driving technology offers the industry’s best-in-class perception system and deep learning models to quickly, accurately, and safely perceive the vehicle’s surroundings, predict what’s coming next, and control the vehicle to make its next move. This superhuman awareness and control makes driving vehicles powered by PlusDrive safer, easier, and more comfortable. Working as a team with the driver, PlusDrive enables the driver to retain ultimate control of the vehicle while having access to automated driving features at the press of a button. PlusDrive is designed to handle highway driving in all normal conditions.

PlusDrive Features

Automatic Braking Around Curves

Bridge Strike Prevention

Blind Spot Monitoring

Cloud-Enhanced Predictive Cruise Control


Advanced Lane Centering

Traffic Jam Assist

Dynamic Lane Adjustment

Driver Initiated Auto Lane Change & Overtake

Merge Handling

Predictive Fuel / Range Optimization

Over-the-Air Updates

Word on the Road

“The system made it feel like everything was taken care of. I was still watching what the computer was doing for me but it just felt seamless. I really appreciate how the system takes a lot of the stress away from the driver.”

–Shelby from Happiness by the Mile

Experience the Future Today

See for yourself how PlusDrive enables the future of transportation with technology that makes long-haul driving safer and more efficient while improving the driver experience.