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PlusDrive® Benefits

Plus solutions combine high performance and affordability to offer an autonomy solution that meets the trucking industry’s unique needs today.

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Superior safety

Industry-leading L2++ features set new standards of safety by enabling supervised autonomy and detecting, processing and reacting to the surrounding world in real-time. For instance, using its state-of-the-art sensors, our system is able to detect the height of bridges and provide advanced warning that the vehicle does not have enough clearance to pass.

Driver behind the wheel of autonomous Plus truck

Enhanced driver comfort

PlusDrive® assists drivers to make operating a truck less stressful and tiring, resulting in higher job satisfaction and driver retention.

Autonomous commercial Plus truck on highway

Superior fuel economy

Our system automatically and continuously optimizes fuel usage, with commercial pilot studies showing around 10% fuel savings and reduced carbon emissions.

A flexible and proven solution

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Designed for ease of integration across platforms and powertrains

Plus solutions are designed to easily be integrated into any trucking platform, enabling greater flexibility and options for the next generation of trucking products.

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Technology you can trust

PlusDrive® is integrated into the world’s leading fleets. Trucks powered by PlusDrive® have been in commercial operation delivering freight since 2021.

Don’t take our word for it
Our pilot project with Plus is accelerating our progress towards an increasingly automated truck. By leveraging IVECO’s deep expertise in commercial vehicles and Plus’s leadership in autonomous driving technology, we are advancing our capability to develop and later commercialize the next generation of innovation-driven, safety-enhanced, sustainable transport solutions. This is an exciting time for our respective companies, for our customers, and for the trucking industry.
Marco Liccardo - Chief Technology & Digital Officer, Iveco Group
The enhanced driver assistance features are yet another differentiator of Nikola’s premium driver experience for our customers. We are one of the first OEMs to offer 100% electric steering paired with the ZF EBS braking system. This base technology in all our vehicles, combined with Nikola’s own internally developed vehicle controls, over-the-air updates and vehicle security can enable the integration of these advanced sensors and the realization of the PlusDrive® safety system from Plus.
Michael Lohscheller - President and CEO, Nikola Corporation
What I experienced on that drive convinced me that systems like PlusDrive® will be a standard safety spec on new Class 8 tractors just a few short years from now. I predict the adoption rate will mirror what the industry saw when automated transmissions took off — the take rate is going to look like a hockey stick.
Jack Roberts - Senior Contributing Editor, Heavy Duty Trucking
Compared to other ADAS systems, PlusDrive® is obviously more of an autonomous system than the collision mitigation system that I use….Other systems don’t accelerate or change lanes, because they are using five or ten year old technology as opposed to what PlusDrive is.
Gary Martin - Small business fleet owner and 2019-2020 ATA America’s Road Team Captain
Man standing in front of autonomous Plus truck that is parked

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