PlusAI partners with City of Suzhou to commercialize autonomous driving technology

April 2, 2018   Source: PRNewsWire

On March 31st, during Suzhou Xiangcheng (Beijing) Science and Technology Investment Promotion Conference, the People’s Government of Xiangcheng District, Suzhou, and PlusAi, a leading autonomous driving innovation company, held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony for autonomous driving projects. In the future, both parties will work together to accelerate the development and innovation of China’s autonomous driving and collectively construct an innovative prototype for intelligent cities. Government leaders of Suzhou Xiangcheng, PlusAI CEO Dr. Liu and etc. attended signing ceremony and delivered a speech.


Suzhou is the country’s largest industrial city and national high-tech industrial base. It is also one of the important central cities in the Yangtze River Delta. Located in the geographical center of Suzhou, Xiangcheng District is a rapidly developing new city. Currently with a focus on R&D industry and the support from high-end manufacturers, the city is vigorously promoting intelligent manufacture, new generation of electronic information, materials, and digital economy and many other strategically novel industries. Under the leadership of the municipal government, Xiangcheng City absorbs the world’s leading technology due to its local advantages and is moving toward the idea of “a new gateway to Suzhou, a new city home, a new highland of industry, and a new ecological space.” The cooperation between Xiangcheng District and PlusAI will provide the latest technology for the next generation of driverless vehicles and serve the innovation of smart vehicles in China and globally. Xiangcheng District will give PlusAi full support in terms of policies, funds, personnel, and industrial chain. This partnership will help uplift Suzhou’s innovative capabilities in the field of artificial intelligence and driverless vehicles, accelerate the development of strategically novel industries, and thus becoming the benchmark for global smart city innovation.

According to Dr. Liu, founder and CEO of PlusAi, “China has become a core region in the global artificial intelligence and driverless development, while Suzhou is one of the cities with the most potential for development in eastern China. Suzhou government’s pragmatic ideas on development and keen insights into global cutting-edge technologies are admirable. In the future we will work together with Suzhou Xiangcheng to use the industry’s leading technologies to define and even accelerate the future of artificial intelligence and driverless transportation, to make contributions to the development of Suzhou and the upgrade of China’s industries.”


Founded in Silicon Valley, US., PlusAI is a fast-growing international scientific and technological innovation company, engined by artificial intelligence and centered at intelligent driving. Currently it has the industry’s leading L4 level of autonomous driving capabilities. PlusAI has R&D centers in Beijing, Shanghai, and Xi’an. More than 90% are R&D personnel. They have assembled top-level artificial intelligence and deep learning experts. Dr. Liu, CEO of PlusAI, obtained master and Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering from Stanford University. He was selected as the seventh “Thousand People Project” in China and appointed as the nation’s specialist. Last year in March, PlusAI became one of the first companies to obtain the license for autonomous driving in California. Recently, it also cooperated with auto companies such as FAW, SAIC, Chery, Zoomlion and other auto companies to promote smart driving, thus undertaking the role of a pioneer on the road to promote the commercialization of intelligent driving. PlusAi endeavors to provide customers and different industries with smart products and technologies that are cost-efficient and compatible through self-research and technological innovation, thereby transforming the future of logistics, transportation, and machinery operations.

During the two sessions, the government’s work report proposed to strengthen the research and application of new-generation artificial intelligence, developing smart industries and expanding intelligent life modes. This is the second time that “artificial intelligence” has appeared as a tech glossary in government work reports since it was first written in 2017. The industry generally believes that autonomous driving is one of the areas with the most potential and market demand in the artificial intelligence system, an important direction for the deep integration of informationization and industrialization. This time, the cooperation between PlusAI and Suzhou Xiangcheng in the field of autonomous driving will bring significant social, economic and security benefits. Strategy Analytics and McKinsey have predicted that self-driving can save the lives of 585,000 people between 2035 and 2046 and reduce global commuting time by 250 million hours per year. By 2050, autonomous driving will increase $7 trillion in revenue.

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