PlusAI named one of “Top 50 Chinese Artificial Intelligence Innovations” for second consecutive year

May 10, 2018   Source:

May 10th, Suzhou – Today, the "2018 Global Artificial Intelligence Product Application Expo" sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the People's Government of Jiangsu Province, and the People's Government of Suzhou was held in Suzhou. At this event, the "2018 China Artificial Intelligence White Paper" was issued. With its comprehensive strength and industry contribution in the field of artificial intelligence, PlusAI was awarded with the title of “2018 China's Top 50 Artificial Intelligence Innovation Enterprises” and became the only smart driving company listed and has thus been listed for two consecutive years.


The "Top 50 Chinese Artificial Intelligence Innovation" list is selected once a year. The jury is consist of top experts and organizations from both inside and outside the industry. They have a comprehensive perspective on corporate brand influence, business transformation, social efficiency driving force, and technology application innovation. China's artificial intelligence enterprise technology and commercialization performance were evaluated and the 50 leading companies with the most innovative, influential and contribution in artificial intelligence field were finally assessed.


PlusAI has absolute industry and technological leadership in autonomous driving and intelligent logistics based on technologies such as artificial intelligence, deep learning, environmental awareness, and map construction. It has developed the earliest solution to the realization of artificial intelligence and autonomous driving business scenarios in the industry. The company has also been successfully launched. Currently, it has provided intelligent products and technologies for smart vehicles, smart agriculture and many other automotive companies with cost-efficiency and compatibility, and actively cooperates with many companies to explore new smart driving scenarios and technology applications. As the only intelligent driving representative company this year, PlusAI has won recognition from the industry and the public for its leading technology and industry contribution, and once again won the “China’s Top 50 Artificial Intelligence Innovation” enterprise award.

Recently, PlusAI has successively cooperated with auto companies such as FAW Jiefang, SAIC, Chery and Zoomlion on autonomous driving technology to accelerate the development of smart driving and logistics business scenarios and landing processes. In April 2018, as a strategic cooperation partner of FAW, PlusAI provided the exclusive driverless technical support for the release of Liberated J7 container trucks and launched a live support for Jiefang J7 trucks in the port of Qingdao, the 8th largest city in the world. Accurate and efficient driving helped to complete a series of important port standard operations such as automatic loading, driving, steering, parking, and unloading, becoming the first company in the industry to successfully complete unmanned field operations for commercial trucks in a world-class port real production environment. In March 2018, PlusAI’s unmanned container test trucks completed the pilotage and loading and unloading operations of the port card at Ningbo Port, another world's top ten port.

In March 2018, PlusAI signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Xiangcheng District Government of Suzhou on unmanned driving projects. to jointly create smart city innovation samples. In January 2018, PlusAI’s autonomous driving test vehicle completed a round trip test of nearly 2,000 kilometers between the Gulf of California and Las Vegas at an average speed of 100 km/h, with a top speed of 130 km/h and at CES. During the period, it responded to the harsh environment of rare storms and completed a full-day, all-weather automatic driving demonstration for several days.

PlusAI was founded in Silicon Valley, US.. It is a high-speed international technology innovation company with artificial intelligence as the engine and smart driving. It has R&D centers in Beijing, Shanghai, and Xi’an. More than 90% of its employees are R&D personnel who have assembled from the top artificial intelligence and deep learning teams. Currently it has the leading L4 level of autonomous driving capabilities. In March 2017, PlusAI became one of the first companies to obtain the DMV autonomous driving test license in the US. After that, it began to cooperate with FAW Jiefang, SAIC, Chery, Zoomlion and other vehicle companies on autonomous driving. In cooperation, we are committed to providing intelligent products and technologies that are cost-efficient and compatible to the automotive and logistics industry through self-developed technological innovation, thereby transforming the future of logistics, transportation, and mechanical operations.

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