PlusAI and Full Truck Alliance (FTA) form an strategic partnership

Nov. 8, 2018   Source: iyiou

On November 8, PlusAI announced an exclusive strategic partnership agreement with Full Truck Alliance (FTA) Group, in which PlusAI will become the exclusive strategic partner of FTA in the field of autonomous driving. The two companies will collaborate on high definition map data collection, commercial operation support for large-scale autonomous-driving fleets, and intelligent transformation of long-haul heavy trucks. Together, PlusAI and FTA will promote the adoption of autonomous driving in the long-haul transportation and logistics industry.

FTA has the largest transportation capacity pool in China’s logistics industry, and therefore has an advantage in building a big data platform for the freight transportation industry. Over 5.2 million of the 7 million Chinese long-haul trucks are FTA members, and 1.25 million of the 1.5 million Chinese logistics companies are FTA members. Leveraging big data, FTA will explore new forms of transportation and logistics, and accelerate the development of autonomous driving technology. Current self-driving technology lacks the support of real-world application scenarios and data. The formation of this partnership will greatly help accelerate the adoption of self-driving technology.

Through this partnership PlusAI will be able to leverage enormous amounts of data from real-world scenarios to better train their models. Better data and models will lead to enhanced reliability and safety of sensor fusion solutions, and over time will help create a safer and more efficient transportation and logistics industry.

After announcing the completion of $1.9 billion in financing in April this year, FTA is seeking to expand its business into autonomous driving and new energy vehicles. Wang Gang, CEO of FTA Group, believes that autonomous trucking fleets will be the main workhorse powering the transportation industry, and FTA is working to prepare for this future. Wang Gang has also said that FTA would like to focus all resources on a single promising self-driving company.

PlusAI, Inc. is a leading global self-driving technology company, focusing on developing full stack L4 technology to enable large scale autonomous commercial fleets. PlusAI has formed strong partnerships with upstream and downstream industry giants to accelerate the commercialization of self-driving technology. Through in-depth cooperation with FAW Group, PlusAI provided exclusive driverless technical support for the release of the J7 truck, and is continuing to promote the commercialization of intelligent heavy trucks. In the next two years, PlusAI plans to assemble a fleet of 1,000 self-driving trucks and launch a safety-oriented commercial operation. In May of this year, PlusAI and Suning Logistics jointly launched a self-driving heavy truck named “Xinglong No.1”, demonstrating the capability of L4 hub-to-hub autonomous driving operations.

Building partnerships among logistics, OEMs, and self-driving technology companies will empower the autonomous driving transformation of China’s heavy trucks and accelerate the upgrade of China's long-haul transportation industry. It is widely believed that driverless technology will be first commercially deployed in the logistics industry, earlier than passenger vehicles. “In the next 3-5 years, the ideal state of autonomous driving in the logistics industry is that there is human intervention in the urban environment, and fully self-driving in highway scenarios.” Said Tang Tianguang, President of the Autonomous Driving Unit at FTA Group.

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