• PlusAI was founded in Silicon Valley in 2016.

  • We are one of the first autonomous driving startup companies testing....

  • We focus on innovating and commercializing autonomous driving technology in different verticals.

  • We aim to transform the future of intelligent logistics and transportation.

Our Story

PlusAI was founded in 2016 by David Liu and Hao Zheng, who were classmates at Stanford twenty years ago. After two years of rapid growth, PlusAI now is a multinational technology company with R&D centers in Silicon Valley and China.

PlusAI specializes in developing full-stack self-driving technology to enable large scale autonomous commercial fleets. We began conducting daily tests on both urban and highway public roads early on, and became one of the leading companies in autonomously driven miles in California. We are also focused on building strong strategic partnerships with large truck OEMs and transportation providers, since we believe these partnership are critical for successfully deploying self-driving technology at scale.

To build an autonomous truck that is safer than a human driver requires the very best minds. Working towards that goal, we have assembled a team of world class technologists from top companies and universities, and empowered them to create innovative products. We believe through hard work, tenacity, and a lot of creativity, we will build an autonomous truck fleet that changes the world.


  • 2016.11

    Built the first on-road prototype and conducted autonomous driving tests in closed venues

  • 2017.3

    Obtained California Autonomous Vehicle Testing License

  • 2017.6

    Tested L4 capability robo-vehicle in urban area of Silicon Valley

  • 2018.1

    Autonomously traveled 1,140 miles between San Francisco and Vegas

  • 2018.10

    Started pilot autonomous trucking operation in California

Our People

Our team consists of world-class engineers, equipped with extensive strategic vision, as well as rich experiences in technology innovation and commercialization. 80% of our people graduated from top-5 engineering schools. Backed by top-tier investors and partners, we are attracting top talent in artificial intelligence, deep learning, and large-scale system engineering to join us.

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