PlusAI Reached Strategic Partnership with FAW to Promote Commercial Autonomous Driving

Sept. 20, 2017   Source: PRNewsWire

March 12, 2018 – Autonomous driving has become a key technology for new rounds of technological innovation and industrial development at home and abroad. PlusAI, a leading autonomous driving technology company, and FAW Group, the championship of China’s medium and heavy truck sales for two consecutive years, announced that they have reached in-depth strategic cooperation in commercialized intelligent vehicles and information technology, jointly promoting the commercialization of autonomous driving vehicles.


According to the agreement, both parties will use their technical advantage to jointly establish a project team for smart driving commercial vehicle, targeting at the application of autonomous vehicles in expressways, limited areas and other scenarios, exploring the development of commercialized autonomous vehicle. In addition, both sides will conduct in-depth cooperation in the field of basic research on smart-driving. In the future, both parties will integrate their mutually advantageous resources to jointly promote the testing and operation of smart driving commercial vehicle products in North America and China, to develop the market for commercial vehicles, and to promote the industrialization of smart vehicles.

Zhu Qixin, Deputy General Manager of FAW Group, said: “FAW Jiefang, as the leader in the medium and heavy truck industry, has been actively exploring the industrial application of frontier technologies, of which the intelligence and informationization of commercial vehicles are the most important. We are looking forward to providing users with a safe and efficient innovative driving experience based on their advanced and reliable autonomous driving technology through in-depth cooperation with PlusAI. ”

Dr. Liu Wanqian, CEO of PlusAI, stated: “we are excited to collaborate with the industry’s tycoon FAW Group. We will full demonstrate the PlusAi’s technological advantage and experience in environmental awareness and deep learning. Through this cooperation with FAW, we will jointly promote the industrialization of intelligent commercial vehicles and enable autonomous driving to unlock greater potential in the core industries of national economy.”

Founded in Silicon Valley, US., PlusAI currently has branch offices in Beijing, Shanghai, and Xi’an. It is an international technology company with leading autonomous driving technology, including mapping, deep learning perception, path planning and several other L4 level of autonomous driving capabilities. The company has brought together top experts in the field of artificial intelligence and deep learning. Dr. Liu Wanqian, founder and CEO of the company, has been selected as the seventh “Thousand People Project” by the government in China and has been hired as a national specialist. In March 2017, PlusAI became one of the first companies to obtain an autonomous driving test license in California. At present, PlusAI is committed to transforming the industry through self-developed technologies and seeking breakthroughs through cooperation. It provides customers and different industries with cost-efficient and compatible products and technologies.

Headquartered in Jilin China, Jiefang Automotive Co., Ltd is a light, medium, and heavy truck company under the FAW Group. Nowadays, it is the leading truck manufacturer in China’s commercial vehicle industry. According to the “World’s Top 500 Most Valuable Brands” of the World Brand Laboratory in 2016, Jiefang has a brand value of RMB 43.9 billion, ranking the first in domestic truck industry for many years consecutively. In 2017, FAW Group achieved its leading position in the industry for the whole year, and its production and sales volume reached 300,000 vehicles, setting a record high. Last year in April, FAW completed the first domestic test of a smart driving commercial vehicle in a closed testing field, covering the two models of traction and dumping. Last year in October, it completed an autonomous driving test of a commercial vehicle on highway, maneuvering abilities such as adaptive cruise, lane keeping, autonomous emergency braking and other intelligent functions.

Intelligent transportation is becoming the focus for future development of the automotive industry. According to the “Mid-term and Long-term Development Plan for the Automotive Industry,” jointly issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information, the Ministry of Development and Reform and the Ministry of Technology last year, the assembly rate of new vehicle assembly rates for DA (driving assistant), PA (partially autonomous driving), and CA (conditional autopilot) systems will be more than 50% by 2020. By 2025, the assembly rate of DA, PA, CA for new cars will exceed 80%, out of which 25% will be PA and CA, at a time when highly autonomous and fully self-driving vehicles will begin to enter the market. At the same time, according to the predictions from world-renowned analysts, Smart driving will also save lives and reduce commuting time, which is expected to bring huge social, economic and security benefits.


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