PlusAI: Utilizing Deep Learning to Power Future Autonomous Driving

May 23, 2017   Source: CTouTiao

The "2017 AICVCE Asia-Pacific Smart Net Alliance Automotive Summit and Exhibition" (hereinafter referred to as "AICVCE"), organized by China Automotive Industry Research Institute (CAERI) and Shanghai Collar Business Consulting Co., Ltd. (GII), was successfully held on May 18-19, 2017 in Shanghai.

Dr. Hu Zhencheng, General Manager of Wissen Intelligent Sensing Technology Co., Ltd., a national “Thousand People Project” Expert, Dr. Li Lin, Director of Strategic and Business Planning Department of Shanghai International Automobile City, Johan Karlberg, Global Partner of Roland Berger Consulting, and Dr. Liu Wanqian, the founder and CEO of Technology PlusAI and a national “Thousand People Project” expert, and more than 200 top experts, technology managers and entrepreneurs from home and abroad attended the conference and delivered speeches to interpret policy plans for the development of intelligent transportation, to share top-of-the-range smart car manufacturing experience, to understand the revolution and opportunities brought by industrial development, and to jointly promote the rapid and constructive development of intelligent vehicles.

Breakthrough innovation in science and technology is the cornerstone of the development of smart cars, partly attributed to innovation companies’ pioneering ventures. As the forerunner of deep learning technology for smart cars, Dr. Liu Wanqian, the founder and CEO of PlusAI, delivered an important speech titled “Deep learning – the road to fully automated driving” at AICVCE. Dr. Liu Wanqian proposed that AI will fully enhance human cognitive ability, and deep learning is the core driver for expanding human cognitive ability. "Deep convolutional neural network is an efficient recognition method that has received widespread attention in recent years. Its image accuracy is much higher than that of ordinary people, and it can handle diverse and complex tasks." PlusiAi’s professional team has a rich experience and keen insights working with high-tech and its industrialization. For now, the company has achieved the full application of cutting-edge deep learning technologies and have fully deployed the research and development of unmanned technologies based on big data, focusing on issues such as big data collection and automatic calibration to increase the reliability and practicality of deep learning.  

It is worth mentioning that PlusAI is one of the few start-up companies that owns California’s autonomous driving test license. PlusAI’s autonomous driving test vehicles have been road tested in California and can be called the current leading company that has deep learning application. Their technical solutions have also been welcomed and recognized by on-site car companies. At this stage, the company has established a deep cooperation relationship with the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, established cooperation with the two car companies, and actively negotiated with the local governments in China for launching the project.

Needless to say, as a new generation of self-driving vehicles, intelligent vehicles will become a new strategic development goal for the automotive industry. According to industry gurus’ estimates, as artificial intelligence technology and the industrialization of driverless technology are getting matured, autonomous driving will begin to reconstruct public transportation, logistics, military affairs, agriculture, and other fields in the next three to five years. Dr. Liu Wanqian said that PlusAI’s next development phase will be committed to the industrialization of its core technologies, cooperating with automotive factories to provide a one-stop system solutions to provide intelligent transportation services to specific scenarios. In addition, PlusAI will continue to assemble elites in various fields of technological innovation and continuously inject new and innovative blood for technological breakthroughs.


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