PlusAI Reached Strategic Partnership with Chery to Explore the Mass Production of Autonomous Driving Consumer Vehicles

Sept. 20, 2017   Source: Leiphone

Recently, PlusAI and Chery have reached a technical cooperation. Both sides announced that they will be sharing resources in smart driving to jointly advance the research and development of autonomous driving technology and integration testing. Chery and PlusAI plan to collectively carry out pilot projects. PlusAI L4 level of autonomous driving system will be integrated into Chery’s test vehicles. In addition, both sides will further explore the application of PlusAi’s intelligent driving system in Chery production models.

Through self-developed technological innovation, PlusAI can provide its partners with a  complete set of customized and hardware-and-software integrated solutions in order to maximize the vehicle’s automatic driving performance in a cost-efficient manner. This joint cooperation will be based on PlusAI’s deep vision technology, focusing on the driving scenario of Chery’s passenger vehicles in the city. PlusAI has absolute advantages in terms of technical versatility and sensor cost.

PlusAI was founded in 2016 in Silicon Valley, US., and has R&D centers in Beijing, Shanghai, and Xi’an. It is a fast-growing international technology innovation company, engiend by artificial intelligence and focused on autonomous driving. Currently, it has the industry’s leading L4 level of autonomous driving capabilities. As one of the earliest companies that obtained autonomous driving road test license from the California Department of Motor Vehicles, PlusAI’s autonomous driving prototype has been continuously tested on public roads and highways in Silicon Valley, thus becoming the pioneer in promoting commercialized autonomous vehicles.

The History of PlusAI:

November 2016

Completed system integration of the first test vehicle

March 2017

Received California Autonomous Vehicle Test Permit, started public road testing

June 2017

Conducted the first all-day testing of L4 autonomous vehicle in Palo Alto

October 2017

Demonstrated deep sensor fusion based Autopilot features with volume production components, achieving industry leading perception performance

January 2018

Completed 1200-mile road test in California and Nevada, demonstrated high reliability at 65 mph under severe weather conditions at the International Consumer Electronics Show

March 2018

Performed public demo of L4 fully autonomous heavy truck at two of the largest ports (Tsingtao and Ninbgo) in the world. Reached bilateral partnership with FAW Group Corporation, SAIC, Chery, Zoomlion

Chery has been a pioneer in the revolution of the automotive industry, and intelligent transportation has always been one of Chery's most important strategic directions. Chery has been researching smart car technology since 2012 and has completed first- and second-generation product development. This cooperation with PlusAI is Chery’s another major move to deploy autonomous driving business.

Leaders of China's auto brands are cooperating with the world's first-tiered autonomous driving companies. This strategic cooperation will inevitably lead to mutual benefits and win-win results. It will lead the new trend of auto-driving technology in automotive industry and create new environment for autonomous driving. On one hand, cooperation with PlusAI will help Chery transform and upgrade from traditional car manufacturers, and thus seize first-mover advantage in Chinese and even the global market. On the other hand, the deployment of intelligent driving systems on Chery-produced vehicles also marks the commercial positioning of autonomous driving technology, a milestone in transforming automotive industry and transportation. More passengers will enjoy the safety, reliability, and low-cost driving experience brought by intelligent transportation.


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